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William Verdult, known as the “Dutch Master” is a Dutch-American artist and sculptor and is considered one of the most versatile contemporary artists in the world. “Verdult has studied seriously and devotedly under the old masters in Rome, Belgium, Holland, France, and the United States, achieving his own classical style.”


William Verdult the “Dutch Master” is one of a very few American master artists alive today. He is known for his rendition of King Tutt using original rubies, sapphires and other precious stones and gold in his creation. Verdult was honored to depict the King Tutt Exhibit, when it was on display in Las Vegas many years ago. His talent for depicting detail is exquisite, illustrating every hair, every wrinkle, and every layer of his subjects.


Critics have marveled at the diversity of style, technique, and subject matter apparent in the works of Dutch-American master artist, William Verdult. No other artist so skillfully incorporates the classical, traditional, modern and avant-gardes into such a compelling, distinctive, and multifaceted art style.


Born and raised in Holland during the uncertain back drop of World War II, Verdult brings to his paintings a perspective that can only be gained by living daily with life and death, good and evil, horror and compassion, victory and defeat. No wonder Verdult is coveted and collected by art lovers the world over. Please feel free to inquire about discounts if you have an interest in acquiring a number of Verdult Prints.


You are invited to join the growing ranks of serious collectors and knowledgeable investors who are adding the fine art of "Dutch Master" William Verdult to their holdings.


Documented receipts and records of sales of his art show his art appraising and selling for several hundred thousand dollars.


Verdult artwork sells and trades for thousands of dollars. His original works appraised value averages around $35,000.00 to $95,000. His limited edition lithographs appraise value range from $1,200 to $2,000 and up. He has even rarer jewel and gold encrusted original pieces and their values are several hundred thousand dollars each.


A true Philanthropist he has donated money and many of his works to charity, state governments, educational centers and foundations. His work entitled ”Into The Battle Front” hangs on Top of the Mountain Building in Stone Mountain Park, Georgia. The Make a Wish Foundation, the Governors of Georgia and Hawaii and numerous universities have thanked him for his generous donations to their causes and institutions.


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"Forest Wonderland" #7888

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William Verdult

the “Dutch Master”

Verdult paintings, rich in energy and compassion for life, are admired all over the world.


William Verdult the “Dutch Master” is one of a very few American master artists alive today.

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"Paradise in Shades Green" #9211

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Collectors and their estates through out the world Own paintings by Verdult such as:
Frank Sinatra 
Paul Newman 
Elvis Presley 
Clint Eastwood 
Tom Jones